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FCNPC file can't load - robertgames2016 - 2023-03-16

Hello, I can't use file for my project.
Here I show the log:
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] Function not registered: FCNPC_Destroy
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] Function not registered: FCNPC_UseInfiniteAmmo
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] Function not registered: FCNPC_SetWeapon
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] Function not registered: FCNPC_SetVirtualWorld
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] Function not registered: FCNPC_SetInvulnerable
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] Function not registered: FCNPC_Spawn
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] Function not registered: FCNPC_GetPosition
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] Function not registered: FCNPC_IsValid
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] Function not registered: FCNPC_GetPluginVersion
[2023-03-15T23:39:32-0300] [Error] File or function is not found

RE: FCNPC file can't load - Shadeush - 2023-03-18

I might be mistaken but I don't think Open.MP functions with the memory plugin FCNPC.  I can relate to the frustration because for my server I had created many story missions involving NPCs and other features for players which allowed them to recruit and interact with FCNPCs but I had to remove all that when I moved to development and testing the script using Open.MP server.

If you have sections of FCNPC code in your script I don't advise you to strip it out completely though.  My advice is to comment it out with /* and */ or // and then if Ziggi's plugin is updated to work with Open.MP you can enable it again in your script.  Ziggi has mentioned that he does not intend to update his plugin though here: