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[ENG] North Dakota Roleplay
[Image: Jzg1CUP]

A medium-high roleplay server based on the script of San Andreas Roleplay that goes back to 2011, so come join us on our adventure whether you want to be on the legal \ or illegal side of the server you're always welcome, our grand opening will be announced shortly after we've gathered a decent player base of people who would like to bring back the nostalgia of playing the server and without further ado here's everything you need to know
invite your friends to get in-game rewards once the server launches
2 invites = 200k in-game start
5 invites = 500k
10 invites = Bronze VIP
20 invites = Silver VIP
Disclaimer: The script used in this server is entirely the work of SARP developers Jacob Malcom, Desmond DeSantos, Hank James, Avery Booker, $kylar, Golden, and iGetty (leaked script). I take no credit for its development; it is only used to evoke nostalgia for players.

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[ENG] North Dakota Roleplay - by kayla - 2024-02-27, 04:44 PM

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