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Request for cleaner library logs in the console
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(2019-10-13, 08:29 AM)Southclaws Wrote: Agree.

Credits belong in source, licenses, readmes, not in logs.

This is all you ever need:

open.mp v1.2.3

loading plugin: mysql:vR41-4

loading plugin: sscanf:v2.8.3

loading plugin: streamer:v2.9.4

loading plugin: colandreas:v1.4.0

loading plugin: FCNPC:v2.0.0

loading plugin: timerfix:v1.5.0

loading plugin: YSF:vR19

loading filterscripts: example

loading gamemode: bare

[MySQL] Error: 2002 Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061).

[ColAndreas] Info: Loading collision data.

[ColAndreas] Info: Loading Map.


unloading gamemode: bare

unloading filterscript example

unloading plugin: mysql:vR41-4

unloading plugin: sscanf:v2.8.3

unloading plugin: streamer:v2.9.4

unloading plugin: colandreas:v1.4.0

unloading plugin: FCNPC:v2.0.0

unloading plugin: timerfix:v1.5.0

unloading plugin: YSF:vR19

You god!

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