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The situation.
Hey, I?ve been away from SAMP for a long time a new, couple years at least but I still login and check the forums from time to time because it just interests me.

To be honest when I was playing it I never really knew who Y_Less really was or what he was doing because I was there for the ride and realistically that?s why majority of us were there, to play it enjoy it and just understand that there are staff there working.

This is just my point. I even think when I played SAMP, I could remember thinking Y less was some random dick that was coding for the owner.

I think everyone needs to be happy that someone is still willing to continue the project and not just throw it in the bin and let it to die, that?s what dedication is.

I honestly have full support with this, I hope it succeeds. SAMP isn?t even dying as quick as everyone thinks, it?s still strong. I think it needs more advertising done out of this platform, like sending YouTubers t-shirts to promote it, paying people to promote it because every person I?ve met has never heard of SAMP and they are playing the computer longer then me.

Everyone needs to stick together, this is the way to go. Kalcor gave up and didn?t trust his mate to have too much access to make it better for everyone, so what did he decide to do? Throw everything in the bin. I?m even a little upset that my account from 2013 is gone I believe, something like that pretty much early days when they had a few servers on not even a 100.

I wish this well, everyone needs to stick together. This?community will last because the team itself.?You can?t say bad about it so imagine you were sitting in smelly cowshit before but now you are sitting in hope and warm sexy blanket filled with toppings of the sex you are attracted to haha.

This is my opinion guys, if I?m wrong or something please tell me. I?d like to know, I never spoke to Y_less nor Kalcor myself, but I?d like to know and because I?m a lot older then I was playing this as a kid, believe it or not, I have 1 boy?and I?m married and I own a house, yet I still think SAMP made me grow into who I was because some of the decisions I?ve done that reminds me of SAMP and the hype and the lessons that all these people have taught me playing it.

That?s all I have to say, I?m looking to see what you have to say about this.
I agree. Make Samp GREAT AGAIN
Agreed :) The o.mp team will do a lot of advertising once it's released!
I agree, SAMP has tens of thousands of players daily and still has potential.
Yeah SA-MP is not just a game it's a life changer!
SAMP seriously needs to return as it used to be.

Let's bring samp back to life!

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