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Discord Ban Appeal
Hi everyone,

To introduce, I'm Logic_ here.?Roughly one year ago, I was banned from the SA-MP's "unofficial" discord and since then stayed away from it. I think I've deserve to be unbanned and be part of the community once again - since Kalcor has decided to go nuts and ban everyone from the SA-MP forums for the apparent reason of "mutinty" (retardation).

I do think I should have PM'ed this to one of the mods. and not created a thread just for the sake of not getting useless attention. Regardless, I've been banned before by Rehasher for being involved in a server responsible for attacking BA-RP's forum, which I had no part in and was unbanned later. I do not remember for what reasons I was banned now.


PS: Here's a PewDiePie video: https://youtu.be/rNbNEcKpFz4?t=378
I'll be waiting for you <3


9 year old army

That's nice and all but you forgot to give us your discord ID
(2019-04-14, 07:50 AM)hual Wrote: That's nice and all but you forgot to give us your discord ID

Thanks :)
(2019-04-14, 10:50 AM)Alaska Wrote: Thanks :)

Welcome back,

Topic Closed
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