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Question about open.mp and SAxVCxLC

First things first: let me say i searched the forums but cant find anything remotely similar to what i'm going to ask. If indeed there are other similar threads and i wasn't able to find, i humbly sorry.

SAxVCxLC, which for those who don't know is a mod who add the landmasses of Vice City and Liberty City (GTA III) alongside (not replacing) San Andreas.

From their Readme:

Quote:Adds the GTA Vice City and Liberty City maps into GTA San Andreas. GTA SA remains fully playable and moddable: mods for SA work also with SAxVCxLC. SAxVCxLC is clean basis for modding by external mods.

I don't know what will be the stance of open.mp about support for TCs, so i'm here to ask if the devs have intentions, even for long term, to add some kind of support for this expanded gameworld, i mean a way to start a server and be able to, via pawn, interact with the other landmasses (place objects, teleport players, etc).

Particularly for me that would be a huge draw-in to make a server after all those years.

Thanks in advance for all your work with open.mp keeping the community alive!
IF open.mp supports SA:MP 0.3DL, You can add custom objects (and skins) to your server. This will allow you to add LC and VC to your servers' game world. There were some "example" scripts floating around at the time that did this.
(2020-11-12, 11:54 AM)Gforcez Wrote: IF open.mp supports SA:MP 0.3DL, You can add custom objects (and skins) to your server. This will allow you to add LC and VC to your servers' game world. There were some "example" scripts floating around at the time that did this.

Unfortunately seems like SAxVCxLC require more than the objects to work.

First it needs an limit adjuster to add so much content (it particularly uses?fastman92limitAdjuster), also it ships with some CLEO scripts to restore features hidden in SA code from the previous versions (like car bomb garages), and expand the map correctly (adding VC and GTA III landmasses to it).

In SA:MP there used to have some obscure options in the cfg file to allow better compatibility with some Total Conversions, maybe something similar for open.mp (alongside some special support both in the client - reproducing the scripts SAxVCxLC add via CLEO/ASI - and the server - to make it "aware" of the gameworld expansion) would be sufficient to properly support it.

BTW i created an issue on SAxVCxLC repository to see what will be their answer, i hope maybe an "alternative" shipment of the mod in 0.3DL format would be possible, but the map detail alone would need to be tweaked around in some form. Plus i'm not aware if the server can handle the expanded gameworld (post the normal boundaries).
I can tell you the radio stations work very well and are consistent in volume when transitioning from one area to the next.

I am gonna deliberately not use a spoiler tag and paste in everything I done so you can see what's been done for this release LOL. It is by no means conclusive but more of an overview:

SAxVCxLC version 1.0?

Change log

Please note that all LC and VC IDs have been changed so any mods depending on the last released version - especially ones from me - will no longer be compatable.

Similarly, the VC map has been lowered -1 Z coords so any scripts made previousely will need to be adjusted. Now Carl can get up on the boat docks and piers.

In addition to the LC port being all new plus a new upstate area:

NewAdd.img - not used/eliminated. Moved still used contents where they belonged.

colls.img - not used/eliminated.?

odds.ide and odds.ipl eliminated

All new LC seabed

All new VC seabed

Global seabed:

? 1- Raised to -71 to mesh better with SA

? 2- Centered in 24000 by 24000 where it should be - it was off by .250

? 3- Prelighted for 'deep sea'

? 4- Removed excess under maps/islands


Entire VC map lowered -1 Z coords. Original VC water is at 6.0 while SA is 0.0. In previous SAxVCxLC releases, VC map was originally lowered but not enough for SA standards.

LC and VC now in binary .ipl format like SA is for better streaming with all generics placed in their respective .ipls like SA does.

All LC cols are split by .ide and all binaries are in the Liberty.img.?

All VC cols are split by .ide and all binaries are in the Vice.img.

IMGs cleaned/expurgated of old/unused files and thoroughly checked to ensure all objects and .txds exist against the .IDEs. This makes the file download much smaller.

New water.dat.? ? ? This will have all the latest changes and/or fixes.

New VC_Cull? ? ? ? Removes a nasty bug see my gtaforums posting its a few pages back from this one

Updated radars to reflect the new upstate area

Updated fronten2.txd to reflect the new upstate area

Updated culls to reflect the new upstate area

Updated zones to reflect the new upstate area

****** VC fixes? ? pretty much everything I had found originally plus more

wshxrefhse2.TXD This is an original Rockstar blunder as the wshxrefhse2 had missing textures for the wshxrefhse2 buildings. This building is an original SA? ?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? building however, it is not used on original SA map but it is in gta3.img. 2 of these are used in VC but had missing textures which I identified and restored.?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? The buildings are located across from the Washington mall and are side by side of eachother.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

Fixed wrong Odrampbit and now uses the correct VC one. It now also uses the correct VC textures as well as all other 'ramp bits' in VC.

Fixed night prelight hoodv and hoodvext in Haiti

Fixed collision at Ocean Beach and wood boardwalk transition near/behind 'Standing Vice Point' hotel.

Fixed 'invisible' gardenbencha. Vc_benches.txd being previously in wrong game format.

Fixed kb_planterbush2 no textures. Object was pointing to the wrong .txd archive in .ide

Fixed scar_winglass. Ide had a typo causing wrong .txd pointer

Attached vc_bankroof to lhcoastsky2 so no longer two separate objects

Doontoon22 and doontoon39 collision fixed so no longer two separate col objects

Fixed improper docks_props01 now uses the correct VC one.?

LODnetopa0 no longer just a lod object. Added cranetopa0 (CJ can stand on it now)

Nbhotel01 and 02 now have rooftops

SA kb_couch06 replaced with correct VC one in the El Banko Corrupto.?

Fixed multiple text file .ide flags which also made more garages work (only if grgx.asi is used)

Fixed multiple wrong/missing LOD pointers while doing the binary conversion

Fixed wrong dockcranescale being used in the 'docks'

Cortez yacht implemented

Lodworksramps attached to and made part of LODprintworks

Lodtistation attached to and made part of LODtistation01

Fixed multiple floating objects.

VC light house light beam now renders correctly and will be utilized by artginPL? in one of his scripts.

....and much, much more.

Further notes about the new LC port to SA:

Many original Rockstar blunders that were originally in gta3 have been fixed but there is still many more - mostly texture related-and probably not noticeable by most people.

This will also have my non-teleport bistro-but I re-done it with the original SA prelight abiet some minor corrections. It also has all the props used from the 'St. Marks Bistro' mission.

This bistro is NOT used in that mission so no conflicts.

The new upstate area may or may not be a continued work in progress. Echoing @PlatinumSerb fundamentals, this is intended as a base for you to build your mods on. I did however add a gas station since I last posted photos.


1- View distance. It seeems SA has a limit on view distance which also seems dependent on the number of coronas used. For example, I set the Callahan Bridge coronas at 500 or 600?

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? I think and there are 20 on each bridge section; but they don't start to render till about 300. The SF airport tower has only one corona and its view distance is at 900.

? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? You can try SALodlights.asi if you want to increase the view distance.

2- On/off times? The docummentation I found stated AT_DAY and AT_NIGHT are supported but I found only AT_NIGHT works. All the tunnels have both set but only AT_NIGHT works.?

There is also an 'easter egg' let's see who finds it. LOL

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