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How can i embed color in Textdraw?

I want to make Textdraw with couple of colors.

I know that i can make it like " Oh!?~r~Hello ~w~World" but i can`t " Oh! {FF0000}Hello {FFFFFF}World".

i want to embed hex color. can i do it?

Finally, i want to make textdraw based on gray, and make some color red.

Ex) {Gray}Oh!! Hey, {Red}How {Gray}are you?

Plz help me!!
You can't.

Only gametext colors are available
Using Pawn.CMD?

If you're doing so, this is the very first sign that you absolutely shouldn't utilize your all powerful P-Code knowledge in any of the scripting discussion topics.
Pretty sure someone made a library once that enabled RGB textdraw text colours.

Can't find it anymore unfortunately.
Always keep in mind that a lot of people are active on this forum in their spare time.

They are sacrificing time they could easily spend on things they would rather do, to help you instead.


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