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Random screenshots thread
Post your screenshots from in game, and we?ll regularly feature some on our Instagram page (and credit you of course!)

O jebem vam mater botovsku
Using Pawn.CMD?

If you're doing so, this is the very first sign that you absolutely shouldn't utilize your all powerful P-Code knowledge in any of the scripting discussion topics.
(2021-08-02, 01:42 PM)Pinch Wrote: O jebem vam mater botovsku

Bots are banned now.
Always keep in mind that a lot of people are active on this forum in their spare time.

They are sacrificing time they could easily spend on things they would rather do, to help you instead.

No wonder GTA is still popular, even though their graphics are kind of outdated even in the last part. Only as I see it, this account is old enough and there`s no activity. I guess anything to send is no longer relevant? I'm signed up for some similar accounts that aren`t only dedicated to San Andreas - there`re much more diverse. And in general, I`d suggest that something be done with the page, it looks like abandonment. When I started my profile on instagram I also haven`t all worked out well, but as soon as I switched to real followers instagram, my page became more popular and I started to get feedback from followers. So advise not to give up the account.
Is there any more activity on this topic? I want to see screenshots from the game. And by the way, what's up with Instagram? What do you mean?

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