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My confusion with this new direction
Hi. Only recently (1 hour ago) did I realize the old sa-mp forum is down and all the links are dead/removed. I tried following up and it led me this far, where I should put my faith in this place to continue what's being lost. I read up a bit on Open.MP and noticed people type up things about C with mentions of Git etc...

My confusion comes from not knowing how to code... Recently only deciding to come back with requests by an old friend part of a really small RP community, I can't seem to understand how things will go down. Open.mp is going to be something new and refreshing to this old game, still being able run the old plugins, but also be able to affect the game with other coding languages than pawn? I know MTA has Lua and I couldn't learn Lua to make that transition, so I sticked with Pawn.

I'm good at visual stuff, not coding and would usually take snippets of code or with the help of 10 wiki tabs 10 forum tabs make the thing I want in Pawn to run on a Roleplay script. I used to just take a base script publicly available and alter that beyond recognition. It was really fun and it worked without me knowing anything, so I wonder if that's going to continue being the case or will I have to adapt and learn to actually code. I already couldn't find anything related to a dns.dll outside of the broken links still showing in search results and the git page that showed something of the sort needed Visual Studio.

I just wonder how events will play out. Is SA-MP as a client not going to be available soon enough and is OMP going to be a whole other level that I need to prepare for? I'm really glad there are actual QnA streams that I will go through, but right now I felt I would start off a written discussion to get my non-coder brain picked on.
You can think of open.mp as a SA-MP update, new things will be added and such. The team will just be more active than the SA-MP "team". What you're probably talking about is OpenMP which is a library for c multiprocessing. open.mp will run exactly the same scripts and plugins as SA-MP.

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