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How does SA-MP Server: [Ls-rcr] Administrators act like, [CHILDISH ATTITUDE]
Look how does the worst SA-MP Server and its Administrators act like, i don't recommend trying this server, it's a bullshit.

shitty banning policy, they banned me for me since two years ago when i asked to get back, he insulted me.

[Image: sdsa.png]

[Image: sda.png]
Furthermore he blocked me after insulting, LOL... Nice childish attitude

[Image: 55616.png]
it's not your server. It is theirs they can do what they want.
Childish administrators are sadly quite a common occurance in many SA-MP servers that I know of. Not that what I'm saying is a static rule (since there are great communities and great administrators), I feel that most communities seriously undermine the ethics of a "real" administrator.

However, you should think twice before trying to get back at them by needlessly dragging the drama over to the forums.
"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it." - George Sanatayana
While yours is surely a mature attitude. Joining a forum just to report something none would care about, lmao
(2021-02-01, 07:49 AM)M.B. Kovas Wrote: Childish administrators are sadly quite a common occurance in many SA-MP servers that I know of.

Not only are administrators so often very childish, the truth of course is that a lot of them simply are children. When dealing with video games, a good percentage of the online players you deal with will always be children. Most of us on this forum probably got into SA:MP, or GTA:SA at the very least, as a child. If not a child, then often at least underage. I could argue (without any proof or real interest in the factuality) that a lot of (especially veteran) SA:MP players who never played it while underage merely didn't do so because the game wasn't released yet ;)

Still, as everyone else here already pointed out, the mature way to respond to an immature person / company / other organ is definitely not to make personal matters public and trying to cuss at them. My advice would be to just leave them to themselves, they're not worth your time.

Dealing with childish administration is not something that a server will realistically do overnight, or even in the course of several months. Even if you were to finally get unbanned now, you would still come back to the same server with the same administrators you despise so much. It is difficult for a server owner to start "purging" their server of administrators because of their childish behaviour, as this brings up questions as to why the owner ever even "hired" them. You're at the mercy of the server owner, and chances are that if they chose their own admins and you see them as childish, the owner might share the same state of mind.

If the whole server is run by someone you consider childish, what can you do?

Of course there can be cases where the owner simply doesn't know about some behavior in their admin team that they might not be pleased with. In a healthy community it should be possible to have open conversation with both the admins and the owner on the state of things, and express your opinions on the quality of administration.

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