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I cant really understand why Devin Clark closed NG:RP, a lot of people grew up on this gamemode.. even when they decided to close their doors the server had 140-160 players a day, and at good weeks also 200, so I cant understand why doing such a shitty idea like closing and giving their enemies(HZ:RP) the player files, look at HZ:RP now - 250-350 players everyday, when NG was exist they used to had 100 players at their peak, It is sad because there are no english roleplay servers to play on, HZ:RP is a shitty server with %99 pakis that cant even speak english properly, no rules, just do what you want, they need to change their format to a DM server

I am kinda angry sorry, missing NG:RP.. someone needs to take their gamemode and continue it. and please not bunch of pakis.
The NG:RP script is pasta code, no one should ever continue that ??
[Image: github.png]
I can open a server with NGRP gamemode but I don't know if it worth
NGG sure was a shit show scriptwise, although it made for some fun memories - best left as memories.
Well NG:RP isnt that bad even, but it doesn't have any value anymore, because its publicly available.
I think its one of the best gamemodes publicly available at the moment.
Of course everything can be written much much better and remove repeated code and etc, but for playerbase this doesn't matter at all,
when everything works as it should.
But ofcouse when code is badly written it makes developers job also harder.
NGRP still exists, just using a different SAMP platform.

Open up your own : https://github.com/MaxAndolini/NG-RP

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