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[Map] Blake Island

by HeLiOn PrImE

[Image: e596Fbe.jpg][Image: n5C0EKc.jpg]

Please give a fair rate, after you check the map in game!


Objects were retextured for this map.

The banner only represents the island's shape from above and size.

Before you rate this map, make sure you successfully load it and explore it!


South of Whetstone, in the middle of the ocean.

  • large forest areas

  • a mountain

  • beach

  • warehouses

  • shipwrecks

  • ruins

  • ghost town

  • airport

  • cabins.


This is basically my first project made entirely from scratch. The making of this map very much consisted of me switching between 3 mapping tools and constantly converting everything I made.

The image above shows the island without the textures. In game you will notice that all the areas are green. It's not perfect, but if some of you can do a better job, let me know and be my guest!

This Island has 1/3 the surface of Los Santos and it's consisted of 707 objects. It's pretty big and has I designed it for manhunt/survival events.

Scripting such an event over this map is my next step, but I really am curious of what you guys can come up with.

I advise, using foggy weather and setting a low streaming/draw distance. Plus, if you're gonna throw players in those conditions, you should hide their name tags to make them invisible on the map.

Hiding and planing ambushes will be easier and more fun.

Below you have a set of pictures and a download link.

Install steps:
  • place streamer.dll or streamer.so in the plugins folder

  • add "plugins streamer.so" (or streamer.dll) in your server.cfg

  • place the script in the filterscripts folder

  • add "BlakeIsland" on the filterscripts line in server.cfg

  • run the server

Update Notes:
  • Added a ghost town south-west of the main island.

  • Added an abandoned airfield north west of the main island.

  • Added more trees, so the forests are a bit larger.

  • Added one more lighthouse north of the main island.

  • Added bridges that connect all the island areas.

  • Added a cabin in the northern forest.

  • Remade all the textures. All the island parts now fit nicely into each-other

  • Blake Island now has 707 objects and it's 1/3 the size of Los Santos.


This map is coded for the use with Incognito's Streamer Plugin.

The draw/streaming distances are defined in the first lines of the script. They are currently set to 350.0.

The teleport command is /blake. You will be spawned at the ruins in the island core.

You are allowed to modify this map to best suit your server, but you are NOT allowed to release it

under your own name. If you release scripts based on this map, you are required to mention me in the credits.

Download Link: https://github.com/HeLiOn--PrImE/SAMP-Blake-Island
[Image: IyLrpZi.png]

"It's only a game, but people are real. You have to respect them."
- Mick88

Good job i like this!

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