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Crazybobs Cops and Robbers
Crazybobs CnR is undoubtedly one of the most popular servers in SAMP however this is now changing and there are many different reasons for this which I will mention below. Also if you don't want to read then scroll down to the bottom where you can find a 36 minute video which explains everything in detail.

1) The owner of the servers, crazybob has abandoned the whole project. Even though he never officially mentioned this, he was last seen online somewhere in 2017. All attempts to contact him seems to go in vain and servers no longer receive any form of updates. Not even an update for Halloween or Christmas.

2) This server was known for having the best anti-cheat system amongst SAMP servers but this is no longer true. There are now a few groups with the sole purpose of cheating and they seem to be online almost all the time. One such group is "snipergang".

[Video: https://youtu.be/ftutS7sp7kI]

[Video: https://youtu.be/qAx79pZ7lsE]

Some of the things they are able to do is :

- Block admins and players from joining the servers.

- Tamper with the anti-cheat system to ban admins and normal players.

- Fly around the whole map while being invisible and kill players.

- Teleport vehicles into players and killing them instantly.

- And a lot more.

3) With no owner to moderate the actions of the staff team, admin abuse has drastically increased and this caused many players to leave the community. There are many such cases of admins abusing players but obviously I can't mention all so here is one. Recently a player was approached by 2 admins and was told to sell his in-game house for $100,000 which is the cheapest amount you can sell for. The player refused to do so and the admins proceeded to kill him over and over. They even fined all his money which eventually put him in debt. All because he refused to sell his house which he bought himself for him and his friends.

[Video: https://youtu.be/psXaLQLce7w]

In this video above you can see a player named "money". That is actually an account with admin status which a player bought from the admin. So yeah, someone else was using an admin account. That's the condition of this server now. If you want to know more about this visit the link below. This was written by the player who bought the admin account after he was caught and this should answer any questions you have.


I guess all these points I mentioned above is enough for you to get an idea of how bad crazybobs community has turned out to be.

Anyway, here is the video which explains everything. It is long but you won't regret watching it.

[Video: https://youtu.be/fx-tr9zSXIQ]
Damn. As far as I know sacnr is still around but with no players unfortunately.
Check out Desolation Roleplay, where zombie AI and scavenging is bothered by player bandits!

How is the server functioning then? Who's paying for it?
Let's be honest, they are celebrating their 15 years in 11 days.. someone is still taking care of the server but not as much as back in those days.
You have no idea how happy it makes me to see this, I actually wanted to do something like this to crazybobs, admins there are jerks and have been a pain in the ass for years and i mean years. all admins are basically crazybobs friends and are dickheads fuck him and his server and its admins

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