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[Pawn] CGEN_MEMORY problem
So, I just installed YSI and when I want to start my server I get this message like 50 times: "*** YSI Fatal Error: Out of code generation (CGen) space.? The current value of `CGEN_MEMORY` is `10000`, please recompile with a higher value (approximately 13342).". Now, I've read that I need to define CGEN_MEMORY to a bigger number but I don't know where. I've looked in y_ini and y_commands but I can't find it. When I try to define it in my main script I get an error that says I'm redefining it. Can somebody please tell me where I need to define CGEN_MEMORY? Thanks!
You define that before you include YSI. Don't touch the YSI library itself.

Also, might wanna consider using visual studio code or something similar.
#define CGEN_MEMORY 14000

Using Pawn.CMD?

If you're doing so, this is the very first sign that you absolutely shouldn't utilize your all powerful P-Code knowledge in any of the scripting discussion topics.

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