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[Pawn] Weapon recoil
It's possible to add recoil to weapons with sa-mp functions?
Recoil itself isn't that thing present in gta sa, after installing some mod that would put bullet holes where you shoot, you can notice that, with exception of sniper, melee and larger weapons, all weapons are pretty much unprecise in a certain pattern, this unprecision is based on the character's shooting skill with given weapon, what happens is when you hold lmb, the weapon will start shooting close to the center of your aim, and will start spreading arround it, a curious fact, is, while the shots starts to fall farther from the center, they don't spread on random directions but on a circle, so, basically, when you hold the shooting button, the bullets will fly in some sort of spiral or whirl, the lower the weapon skill, larger the spread (larger the spiral), understanding this you can even manage to improve your own shooting by moving the aim on some sort of "counter-spiral" to compensate for the game's unprecision system, having that in mind, here:


This is the command you're looking for buddy, good luck with your project

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