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[Gamemode] Battlefields - TDM (Team Deathmatch)

This is a TDM gamemode, so basically a PVP gamemode where players join a team and fight against other teams, and that's one of my projects I am NOT working on anymore.

So I am sharing the source code, do whatever you like with it!

Since I am not working on it anymore, I won't update the code, so please don't ask me anything about that!

Here I will add some short description:

There are several teams in war with each other. Teams have to conquer zones scattered all over the map, some of them are bonus zones that give different bonuses to the team that's controlling it.

Players have to choose classes, each class has its own abilities.

There's a bayonet system, some weapons have on them a knife, and you can stab foes with it for an insta-kill.

And there's more, you can find that trying the gamemode.

I don't have the plugins needed to run the gamemode, sorry about that!

Here I will post some videos:




Download .pwn file
Una pregunta dónde consigo el includes server_protection.inc que no lo consigo en ningún lado
Looks nice, i will test this!

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