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[0.3.DL] The Streets of Los Angeles ? www.sola-samp.com | A Realistic Environment
Welcome to the first official advertisement for The Streets of Los Angeles on the new SA-MP Forums.

I would like to go ahead, and thank everyone for giving this thread even somewhat of an interest,?as we all know the roleplay community within San Andreas Multiplayer has dead, especially in what's left of the English/US community. Using the original gamemode used during the first release of?The Streets of Los Angeles back in 2020 we have added various tweaks and updates to make the gamemode seem more unique with a developer invested into the community as much as we are he is always adding new things and trying his hardest to help out with any of the ideas I bring to him. Seeing that we have had a good release in the past, I have thought it would be a good idea to come back to the community and pray for a revival, although that might be asking for much, let me inform you what the server will be bringing to the San Andreas Multiplayer community.

The Streets of Los Angeles is a realistic strict roleplay server, seeking to bring back good serious roleplay to the San Andreas Roleplay community I aim to provide an improved environment with all the tweaks that?the?original players who have been around since the Los Santos Roleplay had wished to take?into effect before the unfortunate?closer of the San Andreas Multiplayer server. Seeing that I enjoyed that server so much, I am going to be 100% honest and inform everyone that the godfather gamemode of this server is Los Santos Roleplay it is actually a replica version of the server made by the Los Santos Roleplay developer Kane, a while back around the time he was banned and released his server SAMP:RP. After purchasing the gamemode I have invested tons and money into different developers and the developer Kane himself has helped to replicate the script to an exact copy before they added all of that nonsense?with the carnival and extra mappings.

Since then,?the developer of the Streets of Los Angeles has?made the gamemode a lot more unique and as time continues it will continue to improve and hopefully with the help of a stable community become the best/only serious rolepaly server on San Andreas Multiplayer/Open:MP.

The Streets of Los Angeles Custom Launcher

What a custom launcher would allow? Well, with the development of the custom launcher,?we would be able to add a ton of cools modifications to the server people have thought never to see on San Andreas Multiplayer, with stuff like being able to use YouTube in-game to listen to music and/or the ability to have custom modifications that would embrace a realistic environment. Some examples of what I am trying to get to can be found here in any of the links provided here;?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vcyTjn3RJhs,?https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qs7n8LoVYs4

Currently, our main form of out of character?communication would have to be our discord;?https://discord.gg/yXuUMrkc5Z, I do not want to promote this as the main form of in character communication or the only way of out of character communication because as the forums are re-released I will be encouraging everyone to use the forums; https://www.sola-samp.com/index.php. I aim to carry an economy based around real life events that way the server can be deemed in a way "realistic" with that being said I know I have a lot more work to do, but I am posting this today hoping that everyone can see the same potential I see in this server and join us as we aim to carry this server to the top. With the help of all of you, we can bring an environment?back to a community that everyone thought to have died,?the hype for the server would be incredible.

[Image: unknown.png]

[Image: unknown.png]
SOLA:SAMP Discord Invite: https://discord.gg/yXuUMrkc5Z

SOLA:SAMP Forums: https://www.forums.sola-samp.com/index.php


What type of Roleplay server is this? This is a realistic,?real life based community in which rules are enforced heavily. Personally, I consider this server a strict/serious roleplay server.

With a new environment and potential for SA:MP/Open.MP to grow, I have decided that I will be bringing this server back to life not only for you guys but also for the enjoyment that I once found within the community.

With that being said, I am going to be laying down a general understanding of what I have planned for this server and how I want to expand from this point. Seeing that the server right now lacks a lot of the unique features that I want to embrace,?we sit at stable version included almost all the features of our God Father server, Los Santos Roleplay.

As the server continues, all the ideas mentioned and everything I had planned for the server will still be incorporated to the extent of however much is allowed by both SA:MP and Open.MP clients.

[Image: gallery1.png]

[Image: sa-mp-092.png]

[Image: sa-mp-094.png]

[Image: sa-mp-087.png]

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