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Zombie Massacre (0.3.7) Zombie/Survival/TDM
[Image: yz3MbEL.png]

Zombie Outbreak is a team-deathmatch/survival based SA-MP server, that has launched in 7th of january, 2023. SA-MP is a free Massively Multiplayer Online game mod for the PC version of Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas ™.
        On the server you can play in two teams - Survivors & Zombies. Playing as a survivor, your main objective is to survive till the evacuation. You will have to be prepared and get yourself some weapons with ammo and other useful equipment in order to survive. Playing as a zombie, your objective is to kill all the remaining survivors and not let anyone to evacuate.


Zombie & Survivor team.
(We aim to have realistic/apocalyptic maps)
(There are many achievements to unlock and receive rewards)
(Create your own clan and be official and the best clan on the server)
Zombie Classes
(There are other zombie classes with special abilities)
(As a survivor, you can purchase weapons, skins, usefull kits, combo packs and so much more.)
VIP Membership
(There are benefits and extras for VIP players.)
Experience system
(You get experience points for doing lot of stuff. Earn enough experience points and rank up)
And much more you can discover by visiting the server!
We also have community forum, which you can join and be part of.
Currently looking for experienced admins and mappers!


[Image: 430x73_FFFFFF_A6A6A6_000000_000000.png]

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