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Navies And Pirates - In development

I'm developing this server which came to my mind as a new concept for gameplay.
I am no experienced MP server developer. I'm still lagging in some recent events involving SA:MP. But I have this idea in my head.
This is going to be a server dedicated to naval warfare.

I'm making it alone and sometimes I post new features on this blog.

Excerpt from the Sinopsys:
The navies of Los Santos, San Fierro and Las Venturas dispute control of ports, anchorages, bays, rivers, lagoons and islands across the map. Pirates cause trouble and loot wherever they go.
Cargo ships sail the sea, and are easy targets for Pirates, they should be defended while they're within a navy's territorial waters.

After the first fully functional run I will share some of the internal systems which were built exclusively for this project.

I hope you like the idea, I'm open for questions and suggestions.

A pirate watches a ship about to be boarded:
[Image: version-gamma.png]

Cargo ship from a seaman's perspective on the water during morning fog:
[Image: gamma4.png]
The ship route is ready.

Ship boarding combat dynamics was tested in 1x1 and found to be incredibly balanced.

A prototype radar-dependant ship tracking system is to be made.

Next: smooth ship turning; develop capture systems.

Read the blog post about this.

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