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Sending message to Discord

This tutorial aims to give you a basic example about how to use a webhook to send message from your OpenMP/SA-MP server into a discord channel.

Requirements :

1) Install pawn-requests package on your server
  • Install the package with sampctl or manually

2) Creating a Discord webhook
  1. Create text channel
  2. Click "Edit Channel" =>  Integrations => Create Webhook
  3. Click on the Webhook => Copy Webhook url (save it for later)

3) Send message from server
  1. Add requests include and create a RequestsClient with your webhook url
    PHP Code:
    #include <requests>

    new RequestsClient:client;
        client RequestsClient("replace with your webhookurl");

  2. Send message to discrod
    PHP Code:
    public OnPlayerConnect(playerid)
        new name[MAX_PLAYER_NAME 1];
        new string[MAX_PLAYER_NAME 23 1];
        format(stringsizeof(string), "%s has joined the server."name);

        return 1;

    forward OnPostJson(Request:idE_HTTP_STATUS:statusNode:node);
        if(status == HTTP_STATUS_NO_CONTENT) {
            printf("successfully posted message");
            printf("failed to post message");

Now when a player connect to the server, a message will be sent on the discord channel.

[Image: webhook-discord.png]

Southclaws for the requests package

It's great that you shared how to use a webhook to send a message from a machine to a discord channel. Thanks to your sharing, I have a better understanding of the uses
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