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Hosted tab in 2023
I know this may not be the right place to ask this. But I want to come back to the game and start a new server. I know that the Internet tab stopped working some years ago and now Internet tab is just Hosted tab. Is there a way to get my new server into Hosted tab? (I'd also like to use Open.mp server, will that get my server banned in Hosted listings?)
Thanks in advance.
I think you should check like www.hostedtab.com . There are few hosting compaines like ultra-h or prestige-steve that sell hosted tab listings.
Paying to be visible on both listing is the only option sadly.
I bought hosting in 2020 for a game mode script I've been updating since 2010, but like you I had no idea I had to pay to have any chance of attracting players to my server. For at least a day I waited for players to join but then realised why it was empty. In addition to paying for server hosting I then had to pay more money just to get on the 'Hosted' tab list. I was really disappointed that I had to do that and annoyed that it wasn't mentioned clearly by the hosting company before I paid for the hosting plan. Fortunately a friend paid for a month to get my server on the Hosted tab list so I did get some players on my server (closed it weeks later though) but I think the Internet tab should have remained part of the SA:MP client to give new servers an opportunity to grow like many of us did in around 2010. Yes there might be hundreds of empty servers on such a list but they would close eventually (or could be hidden by choice) and players can easily sort the list by player count and connect by personal preference.

Some websites are offering Hosted tab listing for 30 to 40 Euros a month just to get your server on that list which I think is incredibly expensive. Bring back the free Internet tab and if necessary charge a cost to be added to an exclusive list but at least give people an opportunity to start somewhere with minimal cost, just my opinion. My hope for years has been that Open.MP offers free randomised lists of servers in their client application and then I can launch my server online again.
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Not worth paying such amount of money.

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