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High consumption of MEM%
Hi everyone, a pleasure to use this Forum.

I came with a question or query if you can help me solve it. The question is the following, first I put them in context.
I have a SA:MP server, when I use the TOP console command in Linux, as you know, it gives me the statistics of the server's operation, I have noticed that "MEM%" is very high.
To be specific, if I completely restart the server and restore these values to almost 0, it is possible that in no more than 10 days the consumption of MEM% reaches 20%.

My question is the following. Is this normal? What is this due to? Is there a way to know that I consume so much?

I went through all my GM code and optimized various things, but this is still the same. He's not a very big GM either.
Could it be MySQL? Since it uses and saves queries in CACHE.

I will be waiting for your answers, thank you very much!
You may be waiting a long time for details responses to your problem unfortunately as there is not much activity on this forum.  You are more likely to get the answers and solutions you need from the Open.MP Discord channels; try discord.com/invite/samp.

I also have a server but I've not had any memory problems but in my situation it doesn't matter because I set a timer to reset/refresh the server occasionally or the server will restart on a specific date.  You could also restart the server at a time when there are no players detected online but limit that execution to once a day to prevent the server restart looping infinitely. My suggestion solution to your problem: automatic timed restart.  On my server it also means all my timers are reset and vehicles are back in their proper spawn position and streamed objects are reloaded and in your situation your memory would also be refreshed, you see the advantage? I don't know much about MySQL (I don't use it) but perhaps there is a function to restart it daily too. You may consider my advice or try something else but I hope you solve your problem, I can understand your frustration of memory problems.
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