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Error cant running plugin FileFunctions Plugin v0.1b (by RyDeR`) Run time error 19:
Plugin error FileFunctions, i was install every c++ version but keep [debug] Run time error 19: "File or function is not found"

[19:10:01]  Loading plugin: FileFunctions

[19:10:01]  Failed.

[19:10:03] AMX (47115688) loaded
[19:10:03]  Loading filterscript 'antiddos.amx'...
[19:10:03] AMX (47115800) loaded
[19:10:03]    Error: Function not registered: 'fileOpen'
[19:10:03]    Error: Function not registered: 'fileSeek'
[19:10:03]    Error: Function not registered: 'fileRead'
[19:10:03] [debug] Run time error 19: "File or function is not found"
[19:10:03] [debug]  fileOpen
[19:10:03] [debug]  fileSeek
[19:10:03] [debug]  fileRead

FileFunctions Plugin v0.1b (by RyDeR`)

#if defined _INC_FileFunctions
#define _INC_FileFunctions

enum io_FileMode

enum seek_Origin

native File: fileOpen(const fileName[], io_FileMode: fileMode);
native File: fileReOpen(File: handle, const fileName[], io_FileMode: fileMode);
native fileClose(File: handle);
native fileRemove(const fileName[]);
native fileExists(const fileName[]);
native fileMove(const currentFilePath[], const newFilePath[]);
native fileRewind(File: handle);
native fileWrite(File: handle, const string[]);
native fileRead(File: handle, buffer[], const size = sizeof(buffer));
native filePutChar(File: handle, value);
native fileGetChar(File: handle);
native fileSeek(File: handle, position, seek_Origin: origin);
native fileLength(File: handle);

i was asking to AI but not fix respond it better :

The error message suggests that the functions from the FileFunctions plugin are not registered or not available. Here are a few steps you can try to resolve the issue:

Make sure you have the FileFunctions plugin installed correctly. Double-check that the plugin file (e.g., "filefunctions.so" or "filefunctions.dll") is placed in the correct directory of your SA-MP server.
Confirm that you have the latest version of the FileFunctions plugin. Check the SA-MP forums or the official website of the plugin to ensure you have the most up-to-date version that is compatible with your SA-MP server version.
Verify that you have the correct include file for the FileFunctions plugin. The include file should have the same name as the plugin file (e.g., "filefunctions.inc") and should be placed in the "pawno/includes" directory of your PAWN compiler.
Ensure that the plugin is being loaded properly in your server.cfg file. Check that you have the correct plugin name and file extension specified, such as plugins FileFunctions.dll.
If you've followed these steps and the issue persists, it's possible that the FileFunctions plugin is not compatible with your SA-MP server version or there may be a problem with the plugin itself. In that case, you may need to consider using an alternative file manipulation plugin or consult the SA-MP community for further assistance.

Please help. thanks.

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