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West Coast Roleplay
HostName: [0.3.DL] West Coast Roleplay
Mode:    WCRP 1.0.5
Language: English
Discord server:

A living, breathing economy, fueled by YOU!
Every purchase you make in any of the hundreds of stores, restaurants, car dealers, weapon dealers, or furniture stores go into the store vault, to be collected by the owner. 20% of every purchase goes to the Government Treasury as tax. If the government owns the store, 100% of it's profits go to the Government Treasury. From this Treasury, our hard-working Emergency Services and Government Officials are paid their wage! Non-Government factions can also assign wage to it's members, but they will have to fund their faction bank themselves, which can be done by, amongst many other ways, offering protection to local businesses.

Fully developed Inventory System!
Gather your belongings, be it legal or illegal, and carry them on your person, in a backpack, store them in your vehicle or your house! Every original GTA:SA item has been converted to a custom item model, displayed in a clean, custom inventory UI. Regardless if you're roleplaying a government official, or a fugitive gangster, your items are always on-hand and can be found and taken by the police.

100% Dynamic Furniture System!
The American Dream, buying a house in Los Santos is a dream for many, and here, we take it one step further! You bought your house, but you really wish that second bedroom had a TV on the wall, and maybe a fridge next to the wardrobe? Say no more, and head over to one of the many Furniture Stores, buy anything your heart pleases, and place it down dynamically in (or around) your home! We've even custom-mapped a series of completely unfurnished homes for those of us who secretly like The Sims more than SA:MP.

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