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NFS :: New Freeroam Stunt
Server IP:
  • NFS is SA-MP server based off stunt/race and freeroam, we also offer alot a range of other things, including DM and CnR, we try our best to offer our players the best gaming experience in SA-MP, Our script and maps are getting updated often, so who says San Andreas gets old? Join our awesome community, get started by registering on our discord!
  • Range of stunts, amazing maps created by our players.
  • Cops and Robbers minigame (/cnr)
  • Private vehicle ownership.
  • Advanced housing system, access all house features via /housemenu.
  • Advanced racing system.
  • Advanced dueling system, with player spectating.
  • Events including derby events on a daily basis!
  • Advanced Anti-Cheat system. Over 50 cheaters banned a day!
  • Advanced challenges with epic rewards!
  • Advanced IRC system, everything on the server is displayed over IRC
  • Events including derby events on a daily basis!
  • Range of awesome deathmatches, including TDM.
  • Achievement system with special prizes!
  • Bunch of awesome minigames, including Demolition Derby and Fallout!
  • Advanced Group system with many features.
  • Advanced MySQL system, all your data including personal settings are saved in our database!
  • Friendly user interface, you can access everything via the /help command.
  • Toy system - attach a range of permanent objects to your character!
  • Banking system. All your score and money are server-sided and accounted for!
  • Special bonus commands and features for VIP
and much more!
Server IP:
Channel: #sa-nfs.echo
Network: irc.sa-irc.com
The server is never empty, so you'll always have someone to play with! Join the awesome community today!

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