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[1994] SA Advanced Role-Play (First Person) | Oldest and most realistic SAMP RP
[1994] SA Advanced Role-Play (First Person) | Oldest and most realistic SAMP RP

[Image: header_trans.png]

San Andreas Advanced Role-Play is a game mode dedicated to realism and real life physical limits.
The server is played in First Person only (server-side script).

* If you prefer using the First Person Mod you will have a slightly better experience, but it is not needed.

This is a response to the repetitive RP community of SAMP.
A long time ago I wanted to make a server that didn't need: staffs/admins, any type of forum, "/me attempts to walk forward" interactions, but also something that would capture realistically the feeling of the original setting of the game.
It aims to be a rework of the original SA game with minimal modifications.
I also wanted to honor Rockstar North's greatly researched work and continue working in their intended direction.
I am not going to describe all features and jobs here because most of them are discovered mid to late game.

The script is made to allow player to do their own things.
Because the server's story is going on since 2008, it's one of the richest out there.
The server was private for a while, but was set public around 2015-16.

How To

Transportation / Vehicles:
There are 4 main ways to get transportation:
  • Find an 'abandoned' vehicle from any train stations or airports;
  • Use our free public transportation network (it includes: trains, buses and taxis);
  • Buy a vehicle from a dealership (same locations as the original game);
  • Buy a vehicle from another player;

[Image: transport.jpg]

Money / Jobs:
Naturally, in true LA fashion, you can work for as many jobs/factions per paycheck as you want.
There are 5 main ways to make money:
  • Factions that hires you automatically (through the Employment Center);
  • Factions that you need to apply to (example: LSPD or any other emergency/gov agency);
  • RPed jobs / working for other players (example: Trucker, Mafia, Factories);
  • Gangs (doesn't require an application);
  • Zombies (they drop money);
This is a screenshot of the job list just at the Employment Center:

[Image: money.jpg]

Justice / Jails:
This is some of the things that differ from other servers:
  • Any arrest must be documented, the police officer must write a deposition for every person/case;
  • No teleportation from end to finish. Police forces need to do all the appropriate transport from the police station to the jail. DOC officers(prison guard) must transport you to your trial, then back to prison;
  • There is no automatic timer, there is no way to see your time left and you are not assigned a time before going on trial;
  • When your time is over, you are not teleported out of prison, you must be released by a prison guard;
In short, you really don't want to be arrested. You will not be able to just murder someone, go to prison, and get out the same day. This server takes prison seriously and realistically.
On the other hand, you will not be put in prison for no reasons. Police officers DO NOT have any bonuses for arrests and must do paperwork every time so there is no incentive to arrest someone who isn't a real threat.
There is also a real possibility of escape any time (especially during transport). The police are not overpowered, for example: they have no taser and have to use number and strategy to arrest people.

[Image: justice.jpg]

Life / Mechanics:
This is some of the mechanics that may differ from other servers:
  • If you die, everything you have on your player will drop on the ground;
  • Other than doors, what you see on the mini-map represents what you hear;
  • When you are not connected, your player is still shown in the game and can be frisked, killed, etc;
  • To heal, you must eat food (If you eat too fast, you will vomit and loose health);

[Image: life.jpg]

Behavior / Rules
The script is a unique work with its own rules. Forget everything you know about 'SAMP roleplays'.
This is not our usual 'turn by turn' RP we are used to, this is an 'action' RP.
There is no '/me attemps to ...' type of deal. The melee aspect is taken care of with melee commands and actions.
You have to play the game and you can't report because someone did not 'RP' properly.
The staff WILL NOT interfere with the game: Got DMed? IC matter! Police is corrupted? IC matter! There is NO OOC matter, no OOC rules and no cancer admin staff (Yes there is an anti-cheat).

Ambiance / Community
There is no forum to fall back on, the game must be played IG entirely.
People usually send letters for communication (Writing on papers bought at shops).
Think of it as Rust or Dayz where everything is legal and your worst enemies are other players.

Environment / Technical
This is a professionally owned SAMP server.
It's hosted professionally on a datacenter Windows Machine 24/7 and on hosted tab.
I think this is the oldest SAMP server out there!
Here is the link: www.sa-arp.net
To connect: sa-arp.net:7777

Do not expect an easy server, this server is very difficult and tries to be very realistic (too much at times :P).

But it's not hard to start at all!
Our true realistic economy is new and so house and stuff are VERY cheap at the moment obviously.

Have a nice play!

[Image: header_trans.png]

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