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[Gamemode] Roleplay Base
I developed this gamemode with the sole intention of sharing it with people who want to start a project in SA-MP, as well as learn modular programming. The gamemode contains basic role-playing systems, it is made for Junior developers who want to learn and create their own server.

.- About systems:
- [•] Registration and Login to the Server.
- [•] System of death and respawn in the Hospital.
- [•] Role Certification.
- [•] Basic role commands. `(me, do, yell, blit, whisper, try)`
- [•] Accent Command. `(I decide not to save from Mysql)`
- [•] Command heal health.
- [•] System 'Role avoidance'. `(After you die and log out, the server will send you a message saying you bypassed a role, clearly they should develop the system on their own)`
- [•] Life reduction in case of death. `(After having an accident, your life will be reduced until you die again and appear in the hospital)`
- [•] Message log through Server > Discord.

Github - Option 1 or Github - Option 2

Actually retired from the Pawn programming.

If you want to communicate with me, use the links below.

Model Developer - Version 0.3 DL.

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Very nice

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