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Moving to different country
I became a part of the SA:MP community back in 2011 when I was just 10 years old. Fast forward to the present, I've recently graduated and currently hold a job.
However, my current job doesn't provide the best financial stability. Consequently, I'm thinking of moving to a different country, such as the UK, US, Australia or Germany, with the intention of pursuing post-graduate education and subsequently establishing a career and settling down there. 
I'm curious about what life is like in these countries for an immigrant. While I've seen news reports and Instagram posts showcasing the challenges each country faces, these issues seem relatively minor compared to the debt trap and political turmoil and corruption in my home country.
It's good where we're not. There is a saying. Everything depends on ourselves, on how we see the world, not on a place or a country. People have debt pits even in prosperous countries.

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