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Westside Roleplay | 0.3-DL
Westside Roleplay | 0.3.DL

Westside Roleplay is an upcoming strict text-based roleplay server on San Andreas Multiplayer. For months, the English roleplay side of SA:MP has become plagued with servers that have shut down for various issues, some of which are of a malicious nature.

Here at Westside Roleplay, we aim to bring something new and refreshing to our scene. A server built by its community, a staff team that takes feedback in stride, a script built up by our developers over the past year, and custom mappings—we truly hope you'll join us over at Westside Roleplay.

With the intent of not being misleading in our advertisements, the server is not yet open, but we intend to open it in the next few months. We are currently working on polishing up our script and maps before we let you see our product. You can check out our sneak peeks and features channel to see more yourself.

Discord: https://discord.gg/bXQGbZsFkw

[Image: rPwAfMG.png]

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