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That War Server!!
Let me introduce you to That War Server. A combined roleplay and TDM SA-MP Server where we use That_ as a tag name to support the community. You may certainly ask what makes That War Server unique compared to other servers. The answer is pretty simple: That War Server has it's own storyline: a war taking place in the 1960s between the Blue Team (Called “The Blue Empire”) and the Red Team (Called "The Red Rebellion").
To go deeper about the astonishing features of the server, a group of telekinetics, hundreds of years ago, were exiled from another galaxy and thus forced to find a new planet to live in. These telekinetics — Aliens — became allies with the Rebellion. Two additional factions exist: the Black Team (Called "The FBI") and the Yellow Team (Called "Civilians") but that’s not it! Other special powers exist too! Players with Spy Powers are able to stealthily take out their opponents with 1 shot if they hit them in the head with a silenced pistol or a sniper rifle. There are plenty more characteristics that make this server unique, so check the links below and I highly recommend trying it.

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/7sBRxQw
Forum: https://thatwarserver.com

Server IP: tws.thatwarserver.com:7777

[Image: image.png?ex=65642215&is=6551ad15&hm=38a...cc21826df&][Image: That_War_Server..png?ex=6563faac&is=6551...29f5fe3e9&]

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