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Convoy Trucking
Hello 🚚,
Without further ado, I want to not only recommend, but also introduce one of the oldest and most popular servers on the foreign market, called Convoy Trucking. For those who have experienced the game in this project, you won't need to tell much, but let's start from the beginning for those who haven't heard about this project yet.. P.S., to preemptively, I'm not in the administration of this project, just a simple, old gamer carrying the message :)

The server started its activity in 2010. On February 10th (almost 14 years in existence), opening as a trucking genre server, it maintains its value and popularity to this day. The goal of the server is simple, with the help of wide possibilities, to become an exemplary and successful player on the server. From various systems like clubs to hand-crafted maps, the server appeals to even players who have seen it all. While the ultimate goal is to deliver cargo and thus expand your career and business opportunities, the game goes beyond that. After gathering enough experience, you can become a thief, rob other players' cargo, or turn to the path of law and order and become a traffic officer, checking the legality of cargo, punishing offenders on the road. I will present some informative and interesting videos created by the players of the server, showing the activity of the server. Perhaps it will help to clarify what, where and how more.

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