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SA-MP Roleplay [0.3.DL]
[Image: iyql3IM.png]

San Andreas Multiplayer Roleplay: www.samp-roleplay.com | Server IP: TBA (Server is still in development)
As of right now, we plan to open within the first month of the new year.

Here at SAMP-Roleplay, we aim to be the players' first choice for medium-heavy roleplay, as an English platform. With a server that's specifically focused on roleplay, rather than a 'grindy' atmosphere, we're sure you'll have a fun experience playing with us.

We are using the 0.3-DL version of SA-MP as we plan to take advantage of the custom objects and skins feature. You can find a download for this version on our website, www.samp-roleplay.com

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