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RevolutionX DM/Stunt/Race/Fun
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[Image: Mj9pgk6.png]
IP ADDRESS: revolutionxsamp.com:7777

What are We?
RevolutionX is a server with a supply of endless fun. We pack as much as we can into our server. We have mini games, racing, death matching, and so much more to explore and try. Minigames include games such as Cops and Robbers, Team Deathmatch, and more.

What Makes Us Different
It's hard to explain what makes us different. In SA-MP, It can be very difficult to become a unique server without taking ideas from other servers. For one, all of our ideas are original, and are not stolen from a external source. Our server is easy to use. When a player spawns, they can head to a small checkpoint which tells them some important information they need to know. With over 500 commands (and more being added everyday) there is always something new to try. We also have menus for spawning vehicles, and selecting your skin.

Other Neat Features:

  • Select a favorite weapon that will go to every minigame you join!   
  • Over 30+ minigames
  • Live statistics ingame and on our website!  
  • Ingame Reaction tests to win score and other prizes
Stunt's are a big part of the server. Not only does our game-mode pre-load stunts, admin's and VIP's can create stunts dynamically in game. This means that there is always something new to try. Some of our popular stunts include /twister, /nrgstunt2, and more.
[Image: cMcTsusl.jpg]

Mini Games
Mini games are super fun. We have many of them to try, and we are always adding more. Here is a short list of some of our more popular mini games: Last Man Standing, Team Deathmatch, and Cops and Robbers! Most mini games can be played at anytime, and don't require any loading. For a in-game list of all of our mini games, do /minigames.


Want to race? No problem. Our race system is constantly loading races for players to try. We have tons of races to try, and some of them even involve shooting the other races with explosive weapons (Death Races). Climb to the top of the charts by racing your friends, or race alone and set a new time record. Here is a  video

[Image: gxFwHSMl.png]

Account Personalization

Be unlike any other! With Account Personalization, you can change your color, skin, label, and more. You can also set your favorite weapon which you will get every time you spawn.

There is always new stunts, and new objects too see. Our powerful ingame object editing system allows admin's and VIP's to make objects.

[Image: rV4QXRal.jpg]

Website: http://revolutionxsamp.com
Forum: http://revolutionxsamp.com/forum

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