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[Early BETA] Virtual Reality Roleplay [0.3.7./0.3.DL]
[Image: VRRP-About-us-Banner.png]

Virtual Reality Roleplay is a unique, novel, dynamic San Andreas: multiplayer server. We attach great importance to friendly cooperation and professional entertainment of our players. We specialize in offering the San Andreas: Multiplayer Community something new and unprecedented. We achieve this through our hard work, which we put into our community every day. Our server is constantly being expanded with new ideas, maps, systems and other things and now we want to prove that there is more to all of these things.

The meticulously designed environments, including cities, businesses, and landmarks, enhance the immersion. Continuously evolving with fresh content and adventures, Virtual Reality Roleplay ensures an engaging and dynamic community-driven experience. Step into this virtual world and unleash your creativity.
[Image: VRRP-Why-Banner.png]

  • We are a well-rehearsed team, we support each other and get the best out of the Community!
  • We are always working to bring the server forward with the help of the Community.
  • We listen to your Community. Our Community has a full say in all matters.
  • We officer active support, whether on Discord or SAMP Server. You can always reach us!

Virtual Reality Roleplay is a medium/high RP server with a focus on an economic system that is as close to real life as possible. We make every effort every day to resolve or listen to the players' concerns as best we can. The team makes a special effort to correct any errors or oddities as quickly as possible. We are currently in the early beta stage and of course depend on your help..

[Image: VRRP-Faction-Banner.png]

In addition to various jobs in which you can work, we also offer you numerous factions. We have everything from legal factions to neutral and illegal factions. It's entirely up to you which path you will take. Are you more of a law-abiding citizen? Or do you prefer action and crime? Create your character according to your wishes and live it out.
[Image: VRRP-Faction-Banner-2.png]

The San Andreas Government is responsible, among other things, for legal development in San Andreas. Tax-related matters are also subject to this. The governor is elected by the majority of citizens.

[Image: VRRP-Faction-Banner-1.png]

The Los Santos Police Department is currently the only law enforcement agency in Los Santos. Their main job is to conduct investigations and keep crime rates low. In order to comply with this, the Los Santos Police Department has the most modern means and techniques at its disposal. In addition, the Los Santos Police Department is one of the largest and most modern departments in all of San Andreas.

[Image: VRRP-Faction-Banner-3.png]

The Los Santos Fire and Medical Department is composed of two departments. The medical and fire engineering units. The main goal of the Los Santos Fire and Medical Department is to provide support to the Los Santos Police Department's emergency services and to respond to medical and fire-related emergency calls.
[Image: VRRP-Jobs-Banner.png]
Los Santos Transport
Taxi Driver
As a taxi driver, your job is to get your passengers safely from A to B. This job also requires a certain basic knowledge of the city in order to avoid unnecessary travel time.
Bus Driver
Have you always wanted to drive a heavy bus? Then the Bus Driver might be right for you. You move through the city on fixed routes to transport your passengers from A to B. In addition to the fixed routes, passengers can also get on and off along the route. Are you ready for this challenge?
Train Driver
Who hasn't wanted to be able to drive their own train? Well then now is the time. Get behind the wheel of a train and transport guests from one station to the next throughout San Andreas.
Mechanic Job
We came up with something very special for our mechanic job. The main task is to repair and/or upgrade other players' vehicles. You have at your disposal important utensils such as a lifting platform (which can actually be moved up and down), a tool box and a PC. In order to make the job more attractive, other players actually depend on the mechanic to be able to repair their vehicles.
Have you always found it exciting to be on the streets of Los Santos as a Courier? Well then listen carefully. It's your job to deliver to the various stores in Los Santos. Because the rule is, no goods, no business. You are responsible for ensuring that every store owner always has enough goods in stock. You are an unimaginably important factor in maintaining the economy.
Do you love hard work, coming home soaked in sweat after work? Well then maybe this would be the right job for you. As a miner, you are responsible for mining valuable materials in the Las Venturas mine. But it should be said that having your own vehicle is an advantage.
[Image: VRRP-Ending.png]
Dear players, first and foremost we would like to thank you for your attention. Lately we have put a lot of time and effort into our project, working day and night to be able to offer you, dear users, a reasonable and appealing server. In addition to our numerous features, our mappers have of course done a full job to create unique map creations. Going from interiors to exteriors. For detailed information about our features, visit our Discord. We'll be happy to explain everything you want to know.

We, the team at Virtual Reality Roleplay, do everything we can to bring you the best possible game happening, and we are happy and proud. With this in mind, we look forward to your visit and lots of fun!

Server IP:

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/@virtualrealityrp
Discord: https://discord.gg/8y7QEVrNrp

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