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[Question] failed to query server: socket read timed out
Hi, I'm trying to use open.mp, to test and learn more, but when I run it, I get this message.

Also, when I open the server (it uses mysql) the log doesn't appear.

Loaded 22 component(s) from C:\Users\ruben\Documents\GitHub\Open-MP-ABC\Server\components
[2024-01-22T23:19:28+0000] [Info] Loading plugin: mysql
[2024-01-22T23:19:28+0000] [Info]  >> plugin.mysql: R41-4 successfully loaded.
[2024-01-22T23:19:28+0000] [Info] Legacy Network started on port 7777
[2024-01-22T23:19:38+0000] [Info] Couldn't announce legacy network to open.mp list.
[2024-01-22T23:19:38+0000] [Info]      [Server Error] Status: 406
[2024-01-22T23:19:38+0000] [Info]      [Server Error] Message: {"error":"failed to query server: socket read timed out"}
[2024-01-22T23:19:38+0000] [Info] This won't affect the server's behaviour.

It supposedly says it doesn't affect the server, but it is, since I can't log in to the server.

Can anyone help? I've been looking for these errors on the internet, but I can't find anything.
Verifying that your database is correctly connected to the MySQL plugin by looking through its setup settings. By checking the log settings and permissions, you may look into the reason why the server log is not showing up.

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