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:: San Fierro Cops And Robbers (0.3.7) :: is Back
[b]Dive into the heart-pounding chaos of our reborn Cops and Robbers universe on San Andreas Multiplayer!
Welcome to the exhilarating revival of SF-CNR, where the streets are mean, the stakes are high, and the thrill is unmatched!

[b]Embrace the role of a dedicated law enforcer or a sly, cunning criminal – all within a dynamic virtual world meticulously designed for pure, unadulterated Fun!
[b]Immerse yourself in the captivating streets of San Andreas, where roleplay gameplay meets the genuine passion of our community. Every moment is an opportunity to shape your own narrative, ensuring an authentic gaming experience that keeps you coming back for more!
[b]Create your own story as you engage in epic heists, high-speed pursuits, and intricate schemes. Whether you're wearing a badge or plotting the perfect crime, our ethos is all about putting the FUN first!
[b]Join a community of like-minded gamers who share your passion for exhilarating multiplayer action. Form alliances, challenge rivals, and carve out your own legacy in the ever-evolving narrative of our Cops and Robbers saga!
[b]This isn't just a game; it's a community-driven experience. Rewrite the rules and embark on an unforgettable journey through the streets of San Andreas!
[b]Server IP46.183.184.33:5508
: [b][b][u]https://discord.me/sfcnr
[/b]website: http://www.sf-cnr.optikl.ink
[b][b]Unleash the chaos. Live the legend. Join us in this adventure, where the focus is on the joy of gaming!


  1. Community reminder: We're a non-commercial project, dedicated to providing a genuine and fun gaming experience for all players.

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