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GameParty DM

The server has its own gamemod. Gamemod is optimized and can withstand over
500 players. The map has its own dynamic systems. Password house system,
estate system, gang system and the like. The best advantage of the map
is the EXP system, the more it, the higher the level, the higher the
level, the better the weapons. The map is updated daily, bugfixes and
additions are added to improve the GAME.

The server is one of the better servers.

The server has its own AntiCheat, its most important advantages:
- Anti WeaponCheat(A very advanced system).
- Anti MoneyCheat.
- Anti Jetpack.
- Anti AirBreak.

/sh - The seeker looks for the hiders.
/vg - Gang wars.
/zv - Car races.
/aa - Minigun fight.
/os - One shot, one kill.
/sm - Pushing each other with monsters.
/dr - Pushing each other with cars.
/st - Shooting range
/ctf - Collecting flags

/kulicky /baze /baze2 /armada /prace /sidliste1-8
/kart /stunt /party /kosikova /baze3
/kostel /vyskok /circuit /drift /speed /mustek
/ostrov /park /bahno /jeskyne /svatyne /building
/jeviste /nrg /island /bazen /chilliad /ves /plazels

/arena - Minigun fight
/onede - Battle on the Desert Eagle

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