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[RP] Life in San Andreas
[Image: 6R7GP9C.png]

Recognizing the shortage of heavy roleplay spaces on SA-MP, we've taken the initiative to breathe new life into our project, incorporating numerous enhancements and striving to foster a vibrant community. Previously active in 2021 but operating in a different language, our community unfortunately fizzled out due to a lack of interest. This time, we've translated it into English. I'm excited to invite you to join Life in San Andreas, our project nearing completion with promising potential. I'd love to introduce you to some of the systems we've been working on (we unveil one each Saturday), offering you a glimpse of the innovative features we have in store.
Don't hesitate to let your roleplaying friends know about it!
We hope to see you as part of our community!
[Image: 2g8AFJp.png]

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