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United States Roleplay [Launching] [SA-RP]
Thanks to you all for your patience - now that interest has once again started to pick up, we can announce that US:RP will relaunch at 6.30pm BST, this Saturday (27th of April).

To see the current time in BST, use this link (https://www.utctime.net/bst-time-now). I'll also create a Discord time which should be timezone-accurate:

The server is pretty much ready, however we know from experience that launching a server - with not enough interest to generate a player base - does not work. As per my above announcement, referrals are back up and running, and we'll be rewarding those who bring back as many old and new players as possible.

We didn't think we'd get the chance to attempt this again, but recent circumstances have thrown the opportunity in our lap. We really hope we get to experience what we experienced in 2019/20, with a successful relaunch that lasts for months. However, even if this is not the case, we hope we can create a short spell of nostalgia and fun with a community that has survived for years, even outside of SAMP.

Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/89FXdjv7JX
Check out our forums: https://us-rp.com/

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