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United States Roleplay [40-50 A day] [SA-RP]
United States Roleplay, formerly known as San Andreas Roleplay backdates to 2008 and holds a large part of SAMPs history having been one of the largest low-medium roleplay servers in existence.
In 2017 the server unfortunately came to a close which left a large gap within the community. United States Roleplay is now back and we're here to stay!

That's right, we're back and this time around the server is being managed by veterans of the community who all share a wide promising vision for the server going forward.
In these unprecedented times, it is important that communities are united and together in this. We look forward to reopening and continuing to make history on the SAMP scene.
For those of you who have never played SARP before, don't worry we've thought about you too. You are entitled to an introductory kit which is automatically assigned to your account upon registration! You won't have to wait around and graft to achieve your goals within our community.
We formally invite you to pave the way with your character here on United States Roleplay.

Join our Discord: https://discord.com/invite/Tkhhqf3hcz
Check out our forums: https://us-rp.com/
Server: samp.us-rp.com:7777

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