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I want to introduce you to a Roleplay server called PROJECT WORLD ROLEPLAY English/Filipino

What can you find on the server?

1.) Jobs that earn you a lot of money

[Image: sa-mp-027.png]

Fruitcollecter payout 15,000$

you can also launder money
[Image: sa-mp-026.png]

2.) Faction: Mechanic, PD, FBI, Ambulance, Food
[Image: sa-mp-024.png]
3.) Driving school - radars and fines
[Image: sa-mp-025.png]
4.) Casino - Slots

You will also find illegal money making on the server

You will also find a lot of friends on the server, new ones too, we have opened the city of San Fierro where the job of golfer and gardener will be added, you have something to look forward to every day there are 50-70 people on the server during events and 110 players

IP: projectworld.wonderprotect.com:7777
Discord: https://discord.gg/S4MstftmPw
Website: https://projectworldroleplay.my.canva.site

hello, I'm very satisfied, I've been playing on the servers for more than 3 months, the admin team and the players are friendly

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