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If you had infinite money, what type of company would you start?
(2019-05-14, 02:43 PM)BigETI Wrote:
(2019-05-14, 09:13 AM)Gravityfalls Wrote: I'd invest in killing Kalcor.

That is not nice.

And unnecessary, with infinite money I would just buy all the copyright related to samp from kalcor and make it open source, money is all he wants after all.
(2019-05-14, 09:13 AM)Gravityfalls Wrote: I'd invest in killing Kalcor.

Consider him dead, because he has?no life by dedicating all the resources to himself. And after many years?he is stubborn, soon to expire.

On?topic at hand:?I would pay several trusted?people creating large companies and checkpoints, so people would be able to buy anything from most categories?for a fair price.
Oil & Gas companies

[Image: giphy.gif]

(2019-04-12, 09:39 AM)BigETI Wrote: Make a company that ends capitalism
[Image: mMVoRR.png]

Education into Africa, Asia, South America & Eastern Europe.
Plus a company in ecology & medicine.

Just giving money to poor people won't work. It can do even worse.
Put money into education, medicine & ecology.
Android Developer from Ukraine, Dnipro.

#languages: Ukrainian, English, Polish, Russian.

#programming_languages: Kotlin, Java,?PHP, JS
I'd definitely build an 5 floored internet cafe, 3 floors for the computer fourth floor server and fifth floor main office(Gaming Development and Security Solutions), a school from nursery to college or university, a hospital, shipbuilding and seafaring company, veterinary a huge one so that I could get all the stray animals from the street of my country, not city, but country, coz in my country we call dogs family but when they do something that ain't good, well throw them on the street, not me though. I won't do that, that's why I don't have a dog coz I know I still can't take care of one and finally young and old care center(I don't like the term home for the aged and home for street children, it already had been given a bad taste), well yeah..

Then after all of that, help a lot of people, scholarships, free health care, operations etc, free seafaring, develop high end ships that would cruise safe and sound, sponsor young people to reach their dreams and give old people a place that even at their age, they would still be able to work...

Why build an empire before helping? "Coz I cannot give what I do not have" and "I cannot give everything I have and leave none for myself." It's not being selfish it's just "I can give more food if I have more food on my plate"
1. I would build an Iron-Man Suit. Those things aren?t hard, just expensive. People have made prototypes!

2. Give literally trillions to NASA, SpaceX, and other space companies. Then, I would buy a PERSONAL spacecraft and send my friends up in it.

3. Get my own space-station.

4. Build a personal jet, and use that jet to fly everywhere in the world.

5. Go to the MOON.

6. Buy a private island and build an underground mansion in it.

7. Build an underwater house.

8. Cure cancer.

9. Build a house on the Moon.

10. Get Nano-Fiber Implants to permanently boost my strength and stamina.

11. Solve world hunger.

12. Do everything and anything else.

13. Buy a bouncy house the size of Manhattan.

14. Build a gigantic megastructure.

15. Fund FTL Travel Invention, Mars Colonies, Titan Colonies, Terraforming? Over all, set humanity on the path for the space-age!

16. Buy Golden toilet-paper.

17. Build an amazing Helicopter which shoots plasma turrets.

18. Build a flying car.

19. I?d buy Microsoft, Apple, Best Buy, and every other company in the world and form it into a new company called ?Rich Ass Company That Is Super Big Like What The Hell It?s Pretty Much Everything LOL?.

20. Heavily fund renewable energy research, Antimatter reactors, Dyson Sphere development, ect.

21. Fund a DYSON SPHERE.

22. Terraform Mars, Venus, Mercury, the Moon, ect.

23. Buy out EVERY COUNTRY and unite them under one banner: ?The Empire of Mankind?.

24. Fund and discover the secret to immortality.

25. Buy a Diamond, Gold. Ruby, Emerald, and Titanium Chess Set.

26. Make a diamond-implanted car.

27. Take over the Universe.

28. Become ruler of all that is.

29. Label myself ?The God Emperor of Mankind?.

30. Discover Interdimensional Travel, and that there are Infinite Multiverses.

31. Rinse and repeat.
Hmm, for me of course i will support burgershot and open.mp with that money.

Making a very big project that involves GTA community.

And making a big project to beat google company so we can conquer the internete!

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i'd buy intel AMD and Microsoft and giveaway the products for free
I would buy all planets in the milky way and make you my slaves..hahahaha!
I would open a company to work with cryptocurrency, today it is very profitable. After studying at www.blog.bhero.com/ I was even more excited about this idea. In addition to trading crypto assets, companies to work with cryptocurrency can use it and the blockchain platform to raise capital and provide services. The creation of such a business always begins with planning the initial costs. Blockchain services are not limited to bitcoins only. The high-tech industry has found the use of blockchain in finance and other key industries. Blockchain distributed ledger technology can be used to increase the transparency of data management and reduce fraud. Blockchain allows customers to access a cloud solution, create, host, and use their own applications, smart contracts, and other functions in the blockchain system.

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