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Favorite Movies!!
Howdy mens,

My absolute favorite movie is "Donnie Brasco", I have a thing for mafias somehow, so all my favorite movies are mafia-ish. Also worth to mention fav movies "Goodfellas", "Casino", "Public Enemy No. 1" and ofc the classics The Godfather.

Also can't wait for The Irishman, directed by Martin Scorcsese, and featuring Pesci, De Niro and Pacino?!??!?!!!?Universe.exe has stopped working.
Valkyrie Deathmatch
Goodfellas is up on my list. Along with Menace II Society, Se7en, Fight Club, the usual list that most people have I guess...

I'm really into Coen brothers, Fincher, westerns and then some weird movies like Duel, the original Mad Max and Le Planete Fantastique. I'm a secret weeb too so anything by Hayao Miyazaki (especially Nausica? ??) and also Kimi no Na Wa.

Though I haven't watched a "proper" movie for well over a year now. I'm glad you mentioned The Irishman, this wasn't on my radar and that cast sounds amazing.

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