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[Pawn] Help needed regarding MySQL
Is it possible to use the older mysql plugin for a filterscript using the latest (R41-4) version? Some adjustments were made to compile the fs with the older plugin but there are problems in loading/saving/updating data from the tables.

The gamemode is using an unknown older version , while the fs is made in the R41-4. I just want to know if it's possible to 'adjust' the syntax of the older plugin using defines ..etc and make the filterscript compatible with that? (I wanna know just so i don't waste any more time on that and instead update the gamemode)
You could try but everyone here's going to tell you to update your scripts to be compatible with the latest release regardless.
Stoned Ape

Nope. You cannot use R41 functions and run it with R36 plugin.

As DTV ^ said, upgrade/downgrade your fs to make it compatible with the X plugin you want.
Maddinator had a post on the SA-MP forum to update the code with RegEx, which you can prolly find on in samp wiki or archive. use it.

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