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[Pawn] Looking for scripters/helpers? Post here!
1. Only post if you are looking for someone to help you, or want someone to write a script for you.

2. Do not reply to posts in this thread, PM them. This is not a discussion thread.

3. If you no longer need anyone to help you, edit your post and replace it with -Delete- (or something similar) and it will be deleted

4. Do not make multiple posts, post once per server.

5. Do not repeatedly request for your post to be deleted just to make a new one.

6. You must be the server owner.

Credits to Cessil for original thread.

Former developer @ Golden Gate RP,?IV.Digital,?Core:RP,?OS:RP, SC:RP, NG:RP, OG:RP, CNRSF, and SWF.

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