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[Pawn] Weird bugs - Need help if possible
Hi everyone,

We would like some help with optimizing a script if possible that has been worked on for 11-12 years and some parts of it are pretty old.

There are some weird bugs and we are not even sure where they come from, plus many times they are not even produceable.

Some of those bugs are:

- Players getting automatically kicked upon entering a car (players claim it's a certain ID which changes from time to time)
- Players instantly respawning once they die, no death camera
- Players getting automatically kicked when someone carjacks them (this one is sometimes related to anti-flood, check below,?we have pasted the anti-flood)


total files : 135
total code lines : 77624
total comment lines : 5760
total blank lines : 11923

This is the size but not sure how scalable it really is with so many modules. We also have a few bots, around 10, and quite a few timers.

Any ideas on how to debug, where to start, what's possibly going wrong etc??

Thanks in advance.
If they're hard to reproduce you'd have to set up debug prints around some branching code and when you've noticed it happening you start going through them.
Use the profiler plugin too. Add debug calls (messages/ prints). Think of possible reasons.

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