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[Pawn] mysql server problem
yo guys . ive tried to make a lottery system in the past few hours but the problem is that i save the variable in mysql all ok. The thing is that i have to relog to see my money . Anyone knows how can i save it and at the same time have it *instantly* on the server?


?for(new i, j = cache_get_row_count (); i < j; i) {

? ? ? ?cache_get_field_content(i, "name", szResult); format(name, 256, szResult);

? ? ? ?cache_get_field_content(i, "Money", moneyss);

? ? ? ?new money = strval(moneyss);

? ? ? ?x;

? ? ? ?new szQuery2[256];

? ? ? ?mysql_format(SQL, szQuery2, sizeof(szQuery2), "UPDATE `users` SET `Money`='%d' WHERE `name`='%s'", money, name);

? ? ? ?mysql_tquery(SQL,szQuery2, "", "");

? ? ?

? ? ? ?format(string, sizeof(string), "{FFFFFF}The winner is: {FF0000}%s", name);

? ? ? ?MsjL(COLOR_WHITE, string);

? ?}

*i dont receive any error the only problem is that i have to relog to have my money
That would be because you need to call `GivePlayerMoney` with the variable `money` so the player see's the amount.

Normally you would store the amount of money a player as in a variable and so something like this

new money = 5000;

GivePlayerMoney(playerid, PlayerData[playerid][pMoney]  money);

of course no sane person would do it like that, and would instead have a function that does this correctly.
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^ Use that as above when a player respawns or dies or whatsoever, else you can just function a loop every 5 minutes (or if u have any loop that goes through connected players)


for(new i = 0; i != MAX_PLAYERS; i)


if(!IsPlayerConnected(i)) continue;


GivePlayerMoney(playerid, PlayerData[playerid][pMoney] );


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