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Smokin' Guns - Open source western shooter total conversion stand-alone Quake 3 game!
Howdy outlaws?and lawmens! :)

?I want to present you my favorite game, Smokin' Guns, a game that I was playing from 2010 and still play it almost daily, because of it's addictive gameplay. I created a clan, I made friends, I took part in Tournaments, created many mini-gamse just for fun and time wasting, chated like a crazy, welcoming and helping?strangers, fighting the "old bandits",?teaming with my beloved mates,?finding new and endless?strategies and tactics, still training (even after?I devoted so much time, passion and hard work :D)?and of course neverstoping from playing it! Every player is behaving special and different?in chat?and?gameplay?that I mostly didn't?saw in any other game,?and even when you?are spectacting is a pleasure, like you are?watching an epic action show! :D

?Smokin' Guns is a truly unique western atmospheric First Person Shooter?(FPS) resembling the good old days of the Wild West! It's easy to play and understand, but hard to master, making it a unique, challenging and exciting?game. It's fast pacing gameplay is there to keep you awake for many rounds.

?It started from Quake 3 game?as a modification, then it went on a new and better engine called ioQuake3 managing to escape for the necessity of owning the?Quake?3?to play it, becoming a free?stand-alone game.

?I just dare you to try this unique game gem?to really feel it's charm, not just informing about it, cause?your?opinion may be wrong. :D

?These are just my opinions,?and of course, there are many more to say about this spaghetti western?delicious game. :D


  • 13 weapons,?including the legendary gatling,?some of them have?a secondary attack;

  • 3 items :Boiler Plate (armour),?Ammunition Belt and Scope;

  • 5 game modes: Deathmatch, Teamdeathmatch, Round Teamplay, Band Robbery and Duel;

  • Lots of western themed?maps;

  • 8 cowboys and cowgirls?characters;

  • Truly semi-simulator game: each character have body parts that have different health points that are damaged differently based on the weapon type,?calibre, speed, distance, hits through (wood especially),?bullets spread (affected by?character movement and aim?speed), etc.;

  • 5 kinds of graphical?effects:?rotoscope (examples: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and?7; anime style :D), grey, cartoon, bloom and normal;

  • Built in Voice Chat (VoIP);

  • You can color your?name and messages;

  • You can bind lots of useful commands and options?for a faster and easier?gameplay experience: buying weapons/items quickly without bothering with the buying menu,?messaging, renaming, modifiing the many options and commands, etc.;

  • Singleplayer, LAN and?Multiplayer modes;

  • It's supported on Windows, Linux and Mac,?there is even an?Android port?project too;

  • It have tools for mapping and other kinds of modifications;

  • It have a servers browser program?called Monster Browser, in which you can?join?any server you like to play in a hurry;

  • And many more!

?Smokin' Guns in action:

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B920l25B3cc]

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1jlr3-x0_Dw]

[Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FV84w-ZsH_I]

?Sorry for the low quality?videos, the game is?looking much?better when you play it!


?The official website of the game:?https://www.smokin-guns.org/

?You will find more informations about this game in this manual:?http://forum.smokin-guns.org/manual/

?Here is the download link for Monster Browser, but especially for Smokin' Guns (cause that is why you are here, right? :D):?https://www.smokin-guns.org/downloads

?For other more stuffs, especially maps and?modifications, here is the website:?https://www.moddb.com/games/smokin-guns



?Also, for relating open-source repositories coding stuffs, please enter here:?https://github.com/smokin-guns/SmokinGuns?and?https://sourceforge.net/p/smokinguns/code/HEAD/tree/

?The future of this game is very promising!

?Smokin' Guns will be ported on a new and better engine named Daemon! It will enhance SG in many ways: better graphics, better modding and mapping?tools, faster and easier of resolving the problems (bugs, glitches, and other insects :D), etc.

[Image: Engine_history.svg]

?If you have any question,?please tell me, also please send me a private message?if you want to meet me in the game,?my name in the game is?***GOLD***?Prodigy.

?Sorry for my english.?I hope?that you will enjoy this awesome game. :)
[Image: site_logo.png]

I just uploaded in one place?all the?maps that needed to be downloaded separately from the base game:?https://www.moddb.com/games/smokin-guns/addons/smokin-guns-extra-maps-pack Enjoy!
[Image: site_logo.png]

Wow! Great work, bro! I also really like the game Smokin' Guns

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