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yo guys .. today i was googling some news about samp and i discovered this website -?samp-servers.net . What do you know about it ? i mean i saw that?the number of players increased enormous but at the same time it has duplicated servers [ ip dns ].[url=https://samp-servers.net/][/url]

I mean , i heard smt that sa-mp.com doesnt count really good the number of players ... so in the end whats the truth , whats the real number of players?
It is an old code, and contains some inconsistencies these days.
At the moment, the most reliable is the samp site itself.
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It's made by Southclaws, and it's an alternative to the SA-MP masterlist, it will also get a makeover soon as it will be the main masterlist for OMP.

it's was developed a while ago, and needs some love and attention.
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