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Just gonna leave it here
Been wondering why the other side became a ghost town all of a sudden, seeing BigETTI banned and some other dudes. I researched a bit and finally got a word that Y_Less was active somewhere else and got a link here... You guys were all here... A new future and a new light for SA-MP, got somehow discouraged with the silence but because of this... I guess we fighting for a new better SA-MP :D
We're in the endgame now.
Valkyrie Deathmatch
Well you could say that or just simply "V.2.0.0"
Remember, no Russian
Well we couldn't blame the other guy, but we couldn't also blame the russians for creating wonderful servers so, with open.mp I guess those guys will now have a bigger share of freedom of creating, hopefully they don't overshadow those creators outside their country :D

That's my side of the story.
(2019-06-19, 09:20 AM)Y_Less Wrote: https://www.burgershot.gg/showthread.php?tid=54

That's my side of the story.

I've already read it and I've already given my full support to this project, yet all I can do is wait for I do not have the necessary knowledge in open.mp and also do not have any necessary resources that i could donate for the project plus?the bugs and glitches mostly have been posted by the others who are also fully supporting this project... This was already eventuality in the past, most have just been waiting who would make the first move, SouthClaws, Zeex, you or the whole russian community... What most didn't expect is that you guys, the russian community and other communities are working on one whole project for everyone... That's more heartwarming than expected...


Thank you for being there through and through Y_Less, you have tried to leave the community which was already somehow an addiction to you, but you still you came back not just for the community but to make a higher cause. It was either this or the end, and I would certainly choose this rather than ending this.

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